Dimora Cordero is flanked by the restaurant Il Centro, a landmark of Piedmont’s haute cuisine, owned by the Cordero family for over 60 years.

The menu moves confidently along the tracks of tradition, reinterpreted in a contemporary key with passion and creativity, promoting local products and always seeking clarity of flavour. Sobriety is the watchword, with only a few ingredients and clear flavours being the categorical imperatives. This is accompanied by the choice of excellent local ingredients, selected according to season.

“Fritto Misto”, a cornerstone of Piedmont’s culinary tradition featuring a wide variety of delicately fried offal, meat, vegetables, fruit and semolina, is one of the restaurant’s symbols and the finest expression of the talent of Elide, who has led her staff in the constant search for authentic flavours, refined and harmonised thanks to the choice of light cooking and balanced recipes, for over thirty years.

The wine list is one of highlights of the restaurant, with hundreds of labels of rare excellence, the result of passionate and incessant research which has made Il Centro popular with mere enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.

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